The Unconscious Self //


- Until you make the unconscious, conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate -  C Jung

When we talk about the unconscious we refer to that aspect of self and the mind that remains hidden.
I see it as a reservoir that holds our feelings, thoughts, memories, urges and desires often out of sight and beyond our conscious reaches but so desperately (and so often) controls our everyday behaviours, the judgements we make and our re-actions.

For many the unconscious mind is a murky area often misunderstood, feared even!
As individuals, as a society and as a culture we have not been educated about the workings of our mind and our unconscious instead we find it sits in the background of our lives until something unpleasant brings with it the need to reflect or force change. For others the unconscious becomes the scapegoat for areas of their lives that have failed them, or the reasons behind their inappropriate actions/reactions. They feel they can’t or choose not to see that which is driving them. It often leaves us feeling powerless as life becomes a melting pot of hopelessness and depression driven by the defences we have subsequently created to protect ourselves, our subconscious.

It doesn't have to be this way..... We are entirely capable of exploring these aspects of self and mind.
It often begins by making a choice to consciously show up in the world; emotionally, mentally, spiritually & physically and not just look at our stuff but truly be with it.

No easy task right?  In my experience this is a journey, a deep timely process of unwrapping, evolving, unwrapping some more & evolving some more. It’s akin to peeling back an onion; it can be painful, hard tearful work, but with the peeling back of each layer something new is exposed, uncovered and acknowledge.  It is here in this process where self awareness starts to blossom, where we awaken aspects of ourselves and further stories emerge, where we build tools that engage resilience, and we slowly transition to the next layer.

This is a process that doesn’t happen over night challenging many of our ideas of fasted paced, modern day living where we seek quick fixes and easy answers; neither of which this work lends itself too.  
With patience, determination, inquisition & curiosity we can journey into those untouched reassess of ourselves and find a whole world of beauty, magic, brilliance, potential and depth.