Change //

 - Be the change you wish to see in the world -
Mahatma GandhI

Mahatma Gandhi was a fearless & inspirational figure who’s quote above goes straight to the heart of where change begins:  With ourselves

Change is inevitable, it occurs throughout the course of our lives regardless of whether we welcome it or not, as a result our relationship with change is often one that challenges rather than empowers us. 

Change certainly elicits feelings of apprehension, turmoil & fear particularly if there is something we have avoided doing, feeling or acting upon for some time. Yet It is in these moments of fear, these moments of inaction, where something very powerful is born: Potential.  It is in this grey space we are given an opportunity to embrace change as something transformative, as a challenge to awaken the best parts of ourselves, as a natural unseen force that projects us forward

Within therapy I have been fortunate to witness this awakening within each woman as she chooses to face her fear, work through layers of guilt & shame, challenge negative thoughts and sit with some bloody uncomfortable feelings & life experiences.  This is the workings of change in its rawest form, often hard to recognise when your in the midst of the crap, but a conscious, life affirming process  that has begun

Tonight give a few moments thought to your own relationship to change.

How have you (or haven’t you) navigated change over the years?
How did you (or didn’t you) nourish yourself through it?
How could you better approach your relationship to change going forward?
What tools will you need to engage to empower change in your life?

x B